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One-Off Donations

You can choose a one off donation donation from the boxes below. If you prefer to make a monthly donation, then please visit our monthly donations page


£3 one-off donation

£3 will feed a baby bird for a day

Baby Bird

£5 one-off donation

£5 provides one essential tube feed for a poorly swan

Poorly Swan

£10 one-off donation

£10 will bandage a fox's leg

Bandaged Fox

£20 one-off donation

£20 will feed a hedgehog for a month

Feeding Hedgehog

£50 one-off donation

£50 will x-ray a badger

Badger X-ray

£100 one-off donation

£100 will provide emergency care for a fallow deer

Injured Deer



If you would like to make a one-off donation of a different amount, please contact us on or you can also donate any amount directly into our Paypal account (send payment to: Thank you!

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