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Apr 3, 2019

Lucky escape for injured hedgehog

Injured hedgehog

Hedgehog after treatment

Back in January, a kind member of the public rushed to Tiggys after discovering a poor hedgehog stuck in a hole in a wheelie bin. It is suspected that whilst scouring for food, he crawled part-way into the hole but could not get out after catching his spines on the sides and top of the hole.

Sadly, this had left him with a swollen chin and two large, infected wounds on either side of his neck. The injuries were regularly flushed with saline, to remove any debris, and iodine, to disinfect the wound. The nursing team also trimmed the spines around the wound sites to make sure they would not cause irritation or further infection.

Unfortunately, this poor hedgehog’s troubles were not over. After testing positive for lungworm, following a faecal test, Steve the hedgehog was started on a worming regime. 

After several weeks on medication and pain relief, Steve had gained a good amount of weight and his wounds had healed nicely. After his worming treatment, Steve was re-tested and fortunately, free from lungworm, was fit enough to be moved to one of our outdoor hedgehog enclosures.

He was so lucky to have been spotted before dehydration and exhaustion could set in, and we are so pleased that we were able to nurse him back to health. Once the spines around his healed wounds have grown back, Steve will go to one of our safe release sites and be returned to the wild at last!


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