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Feb 12, 2015

Your Legacy is our Lifeline

Jenny with her dogs Back in 1980 I was very glad to hear that there was someone who, in their back garden, was able to help wildlife. I arrived at Pemberton Close, Aylesbury with a heron who was injured flying into power lines. That was my first meeting with Sue, Les & Colin and I very quickly became a Volunteer. In 1983 Les and I enrolled our very first member and I have been running our Membership scheme ever since.

Back in the day Les and I would be doing hand written membership renewals late into the night, fuelled by constant cups of tea and sandwiches. So over the years the names all of our amazing supporters have become very familiar to me. As I am also Legacy Officer here at Tiggywinkles I do get to have long chats with everyone who is so kindly wishing to remember us in their Will.

The one thing I have always found in common with our lovely legacy people is that they all have stories to tell of the number of animals and birds they have brought to us over the years. Inevitably they will also tell me that their rescue dog or cat used to have such an appalling life until the day they found them. I love to hear how you have all transformed the lives of so many animals.

It seems that is one of the reasons you choose Tiggywinkles as your legacy pledge. Because you realise that we offer that second chance to all British wildlife. We are always there for them, here 24 hours a day, and will never let them down. We do not waste money sending out constant appeals for funds or free pens or other bizarre marketing techniques. Our Newsletters simply update our experiences and challenges.

We know that once you choose to leave us a legacy you will never want us to waste money that you have worked so hard all your lives for. That is our promise to you and I know that you will continue to contact me and make that legacy pledge to us and I want to thank you all so very much. It means everything to us and I love talking to you all.


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